Joel Feingold Presents LLC represents actors, comedians, bands and other performing artists throughout the global entertainment industry. JFP advances its performing artists' careers in motion pictures, television, on the web, in commercials, and throughout product endorsement and self-branding.

In addition, JFP provides superb entertainment booking and production services to special event planners, charitable organizations, meeting planners, corporations and individuals for fundraising and celebratory galas, awards programs, product introductions, client entertainment and social functions.

Recently, JFP negotiated the rights to present a Broadway Musical based upon the life and music of Reggae Superstar Peter Tosh. TOSH is in its early days. Folks interested in learning more about Peter Tosh should visit Those interested in participating in the Musical should email Joel A Feingold. Creative talent may express interest by contacting Judith Helle, Choreographer. Visit